A Monday Treat(?) – those 50 Shades of Grey notes 1

So back in February, a bunch of people donated the princely sum of over $800 to domestic violence charities to make me watch and blog about 50 Shades of Grey. I’d hoped to get a bit more money for charity by holding my handwritten notes hostage; that didn’t succeed.

After thinking about it, and looking over said notes (wow, my handwriting does some amazing things when I’m drunk) I’ve decided:

  1. These are kind of hilarious and I think people should be able to read them.
  2. I’m just going to make the inclusion of the notes standard from now on, to go with the blog post. Charity still wins.

Sorry, I no longer have my notes from the horrible TMNT remake, but those were probably not nearly as funny, as I did not get nearly that drunk.

So here are the notes. May you sadistic bastards choke on all 14 pages of them.

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