A quick writing note

My blog entries are probably going to be a bit scarcer than normal over the next two weeks. I’m in a small writing group with three friends, and we’re doing a challenge: write a 15K word story in 14 days. So a lot of my writing time and energy is going to be taken up doing that. It’s something of a poor man’s NaNoWriMo for people who can’t commit to a whole month of frantic (and twice as intense) writing.

I actually have a lot of love in my heart for NaNo. I participated in it for four years in a row and got two completed rough novels, a half finished mess that still has a lot of potential, and an absolute embarrassment that ought to be set on fire before it can escape my hard drive and hurt people. I just haven’t been able to do NaNo since going back to university, thanks to lack of time. And that hiatus will be going for at least a couple more years, since I’ll be in grad school. Oh well, perhaps some day I’ll get back in to the swing.

Either way, I’m expecting this challenge to be a lot of fun. The last couple of months I’ve been doing nothing but intense rewrites, so having an excuse to write some new stuff is a welcome change.

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