It must be disappointing the tsunami didn’t kill thousands. 3

I had a very, very busy weekend, plus I don’t actually have broadcast or cable television in my house – Mike and I survive quite well with just an Xbox 360 and Netflix. So thankfully, I missed out on most of the burning stupid that characterized the coverage of the post-Chile quake tsunami. I think this article makes a fine example, though: Scientists defend warning after tsunami nonevent

“Nonevent,” my butt.

There is some wonderfully comprehensive ranting over at Geotripper about the tooth-grinding stupidity. Since Mr. Hayes has also subjected himself to the awful coverage that I’ve been able to mostly avoid, I definitely recommend reading his posts.
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Indeed, sir. Indeed.

I’m glad that the people who were involved in the evacuation seem to be taking the right attitude about it.

Residents and tourists alike said they weren’t bothered by the evacuation and supported the scientists’ actions — even though the waves never showed up.

“We lost a lot of business,” said Sam Stewart of the Nohea Gallery in Honolulu, which closed for much of the day Saturday. “But it is good to know that the island has it together. We don’t want to make this a regular drill, but it’s good to know we can get prepared. … Now it’s important to get back to business.”

I’m just seriously concerned that if this “scientists cry wolf” drumbeat keeps going, the right attitude won’t be present the next time there needs to an evacuation. One would think that “better safe than sorry” is the best attitude to take, in a situation when there is no such thing as 100% certainty and the potential for destruction and loss of life is high. But I suppose that would be the adult attitude to have, as opposed to petulant disappoint at the lack of something explodey to show repeatedly on a news station.

3 thoughts on “It must be disappointing the tsunami didn’t kill thousands.

  1. Reply dynamint Mar 2,2010 09:05

    No one seems to care, but we did in fact get a tsunami here in Japan.. Sendai bay got 1.2 meters, and the two towns neighboring me (Shizugawa and Kensennuma) had water up covering their streets.

    Perhaps those complaining about a lack of waves in Hawaii have a memory too short to remember 1960. Or perhaps they should move to one of the cities forecasting a tsunami and wait for it to come at the local municipal building while the older women and men share their memories of last time that fault in Chile had a major earthquake.

  2. Reply Rachael Mar 2,2010 17:28

    No kidding. I mean, Hawaii DID get a tsunami as well – the waves there were around 1 meter in some places. That’s why people calling it a nonevent is just making me so mad. The lesson people should be taking away from this time is that everyone – in Hawaii, in Japan, in other places where the waves were *only* an extra meter tall – got really lucky.

  3. Reply Garry Hayes Mar 3,2010 06:12

    I appreciate the shout-out! Thanks. Nice post

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