Little Boy Wears Awesome Shoes, Adults Freak the Fuck Out

Just a quick break from thesis hell to link to this: Photograph Of Little Boy Wearing Pink Shoes To Preschool Sparks Heated Blogosphere Debate

Which really reminds me of this: 5 year old boy dresses up as Daphne for Hallowe’en, other moms have gender panic

The little son of one of my kung fu buddies has an amazing pair of bright pink crocs with sparkly jewels on them. The kid loves those things, it’s adorable, and they keep him from getting glass in his feet, so it’s win/win, right?

Something just really bugs the shit out of me about the “but if you let your boy wear pink shoes, he’ll get bullied” argument. Because beyond letting bullies win, wouldn’t that just reinforce the stupid cultural more that the bullies use to excuse their shitty behavior? And frankly, if there are bullies, they will find a way to be an asshole to your kid no matter what. They make fun of your clothes and you change your clothes, so next they make fun of your hair, or that you wear glasses, or that you’re smart, or whatever. Living life because you’re afraid someone’s going to say something mean to you is no way to live.

And I would think that’s no way to force your kid to live. But I’m not a parent, so I can’t really speak authoritatively on that. Parents? What say you?

Also, I feel like the “but bullies!” argument is just lipstick on the pig of “but pink will make him gay” argument. Because it’s still about fear that a little boy will be perceived as gay – not that there’s anything wrong with it, there are just mean people who obviously aren’t me, say the concern trolls. It really feels like a more subtle take on the the same old shit, just spoken in a concerned voice to make it less ugly because people have finally realized that we’re fucking done with accepting overt homophobia.

She explained to him in the store that they were really made for girls. Sam then told her that he didn’t care and that ‘ninjas can wear pink shoes too.’

Rock your shoes, kiddo. Haters gonna hate, life is short, get out there and make it work.

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