FAQ: What is SFWA in charge of?*** 15

Things SFWA is in charge of:

  1. The Nebula Awards!
  2. Writer Beware!
  3. SFWA.org
  4. GriefCom!
  5. The SFWA Emergency Medical fund
  6. The SFWA Bulletin and other publications that say “SFWA” on it like that one awesome cookbook with the super alcoholic Irish coffee recipe in.

Things SFWA is not in charge of:

  1. Worldcon
  2. The Hugo Awards
  3. The success or failure of your book
  5. This thing
  6. The Hugo Awards
  7. Any member’s personal website like this one oops
  8. George RR Martin’s beret
  9. People who pronounce nuclear like “nuke-YEW-ler.”
  10. The Hugo Awards
  11. The second law of thermodynamics
  12. The way Cat Rambo’s hair keeps changing color, as if there’s nothing dependable left in this world and we’ll all just go spinning off into the void at any moment
  13. The Permian extinction
  14. El chupacabra
  15. The way cilantro tastes soapy to some people and not to others
  16. The Hugo Awards
  17. Chemtrails
  18. The really shitty traffic on the local highway you have to use every day
  19. The Hugo Awards
  20. Quantum entanglement
  21. That mysterious glowing substance that you shouldn’t have licked but you did it anyway because you were a dumb teenager and in fifty years you’re probably going to die of eyeball spleen cancer
  22. March Madness
  23. The fact that we STILL do not have a Black Widow movie and yet Ant Man? Seriously?
  24. HAARP
  25. That garbage music kids these days listen to
  26. The Hugo Awards
  27. This guy
  28. The fact that chocolate is so fattening goddammit SFWA why
  29. Bacon, cats, or John Scalzi
  30. That you can never find a pen when you need one
  31. Or that you finally find a pen and IT IS ALWAYS OUT OF INK
  32. Rainbow suspenders (or “embarrassingly enthusiastic weather braces” for our British readers)
  33. That thing on Donald Trump’s head
  34. The Hugo Awards

I hope this clears things up.



*** – I am not an officer in SFWA. I am not speaking in an official capacity for SFWA. This website is not sanctioned by SFWA. I keep trying to text SFWA and it won’t return my texts any more either, I don’t know, maybe it’s just busy? Call me, baby.

15 thoughts on “FAQ: What is SFWA in charge of?***

  1. Reply Lou J Berger Sep 4,2015 15:57

    I disagree.

    I believe SFWA is completely in charge of both John Scalzi AND Cat’s hair color.

  2. Reply shaunduke Sep 4,2015 15:59

    You forgot to mention that it was alone responsible for the invention of the corn dog.

  3. Reply Paul Weimer Sep 4,2015 16:20

    You are awesome, Rachael

  4. Reply NelC Sep 4,2015 16:49

    But have you ever noticed that if you take off WSFS’s glasses and mess up its hair just so, it looks uncannily like the SFWA?

  5. Reply camestrosfelapton Sep 4,2015 17:43

    Also not to be confused with the New South Wales Fire Brigade the increasingly doomed ShockWaveFlash file format, being in some way Safe For Work, or the Southwestern Finance Association – each of whom are, in various ways, responsible for the Hugo Awards.

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  7. Reply Mrs Emma P Sep 4,2015 21:04

    However, SFWA is responsible for its vowel ambiguity! Is it Sefwa, Sifwa, Sufwa….?

  8. Reply Kendall Sep 4,2015 22:28

    Hahahahaha. Haha. Thanks, Rachael; I think I get it now: SFWA runs the entire world!

  9. Reply Jonathan Brazee Sep 6,2015 13:35

    Hey, Antman was an unexpectedly good movie!!!!

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