Taking a moment to geek out for a good cause

DriveThruRPG, my favorite source of non-paper tabletop RPG books, is running a donation fund for Haiti, aimed at Doctors Without Borders. They’re matching all donations. Even better, if you donate a measly $20, you get an absolutely stunning number of PDFs as a thank you. The list of books is 12 pages long.

Now, most of the books on the list left me with a profound feeling of “meh” since I’m ridiculously picky about my RPGs. However, one of the books you get is the core book for the Serenity RPG, which is my second favorite game of all time to run. (The first being White Wolf’s Werewolf in any of its “garou” rather than “forsaken” formats.) That alone is worth the price of admission, if you’re selfish enough that you require more for your $20 than the warm, fuzzy feeling that you’re helping out a good cause.

I’m looking forward to adding my Serenity PDF to my RPG book collection. It’ll feel right at home since I also own two paper copies of the book as well. But you can never have too much Serenity.

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