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Abortion and breast cancer: The manufacturversy that won’t dieOrac takes a look at this steaming pile of BS. I remember the last time the awful people with the giant mutilated fetus posters were making life miserable on campus, they were pushing this claim. And seemed very puzzled that I was angry they were actively lying to people.

Cruise ships still find Haitian berth – this is certainly one messy issue to think about. On the one hand, there’s the utterly squeamish thought of people being on vacation (and eating their bbq) that close to a disaster site. On the other hand, there’s the aide, the promised proceeds, and at least some money being put in to the Haitian economy. My brain’s chasing itself in circles just thinking about this.

Science project prompts SD school evacuation – from the department of *facepalm*.

The student will not be prosecuted, but authorities were recommending that he and his parents get counseling, the spokesman said. The student violated school policies, but there was no criminal intent, Luque said.

I know, right? Kid wants to play with science and engineering outside of school. There MUST be something wrong with him. Ugh.

Is Refusing Bed Rest a Crime? – This story made me so very, very angry. I understand that there is something of a public interest in babies being born healthy. That said, it’s not your goddamn body, and being pregnant doesn’t mean you give up your fundamental rights as an adult human being. Seeing women treated like public incubators with no rights really scares the crap out of me.

Haiti, HAARP, and conspiracy theorists – an excellent roundup from BoingBoing about the new nutty conspiracy theories about how HAARP somehow caused the earthquake in Haiti, since it’s a death ray. Or something. Mmm, I love the smell of crazy in the morning.

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  1. Reply dynamint Jan 20,2010 09:15

    To be honest, what’s the difference between the passengers on a cruise ship enjoying their vacation 60 miles from Port-au-Prince, or enjoying it a few thousand miles from Darfur? Or Iraq?

    I’m not sure which side of this I personally would argue, but the passengers who are upset enjoying the beach while thousands are dead 60 miles away strike me as hypocrits.

  2. Reply Rachael Jan 20,2010 16:02

    I think it’s basically the proximity to the disaster and how recent it is that’s making people squirm. It’s not necessarily logical.

    Honestly, any time there’s the giant slap in the face in regards to the disparity of wealth and living conditions elsewhere in the world, I think it makes some people cringe a little.

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