USNS Comfort goes to Haiti

I checked this morning and was relieved to see that the Comfort has been ordered to Haiti and is expected to arrive on the 20th or 21st. I just wish that it could get there sooner. If you haven’t heard of the Comfort before, here’s some information, courtesy of Wikipedia.

Probably because I’ve been in Denver most of my life, I know very little about what sort of ships we’ve got. I only even heard of the Comfort because my Uncle Charles pointed it out to me the first time I went to Baltimore for Otakon, which involved me visiting my family there as well. We were driving past the shipyards and he pointed to what looked like a white building with a giant red cross on it jutting up between the cranes, and told me that was the Comfort, settled in at her home port. My Uncle was career navy (now retired) and did electrical work on the ship. I could tell he was proud of her when he pointed her out. I think he has every reason to be.

Also: Richard Dawkins has set up a donation fund to take yet another stab at the tired old lie that atheists are uncaring and don’t give. He’s covering up to $10,000 of the Paypal fees. The money will go to Doctors Without Borders and the Red Cross.

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