Tracking the federal court case on Prop 8

There are honestly times I’ve been made to feel very uncomfortable about the fact that I’m going to be married in May. The biggest cause is the giant douchebags that defend their bigoted and outdated beliefs by claiming that they’re somehow “defending” marriage. I don’t think this particular journey Mike and I are planning to embark upon requires defending, thanks. And the more the secular institution that I’m interested in gets wrapped in pages from the Bible, the less welcome I feel, to be sure. I find few things more insulting than the idea that our love and our relationship should receive some sort of privileged status because I’ve got an innie and Mike’s got an outie.

Needless to say, I’m very interested in the case against California’s Proposition 8, which is currently being tried in Federal court. I think it’s incredibly important that it’s being made in to a Federal issue, and that it will no doubt end up in front of the Supreme Court. I’m both incredibly hopeful and incredibly worried.

If you’re similarly interested, there are several good places to keep a close eye on the trial:
Prop 8 Trial Tracker
Pam’s House Blend

So far, so good, but it’s only the third day.

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