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I’ve started up a newsletter. If you just want to hear from me about writing stuff (like when I’ve had something published or have big news), that’s the place to sign up. Email from that will be sporadic.

I’ve got two new short stories out!

#1:  Fire in the Belly, over at Mothership Zeta. A space western adventure with a preteen thief! I hope some day to share more of this character’s stories, because she’s one of my favorites.

#2: Silver Fish, at Lakeside Circus. Little flash piece about dreams and nightmares and reflections.

And, in case you’ve missed the social media squee, I now have an agent! His name is DongWon Song and he’s super awesome! It feels so weird that after four years of putting that on my public writer wish list (and trust me, more years than that of looking) it’s finally happened.

Next on the to-do list: get a novel published. Yes, good.

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