Science fiction makes you godless and evil

Well, I guess if you have a fundamental problem with science in general, science fiction becomes a sort of terrifying, wordy mass of horror. I’m waiting for this guy’s next installment, when he attacks the fantasy genre for being polytheistic and glorifying witchcraft. And elves. Because everyone knows that elves are really just thinly disguised tree-worshipping hippies.

Science fiction is intimately associated with Darwinian evolution. Sagan and Asimov, for example, were prominent evolutionary scientists.

Um… Sagan as an astrophysicist, wasn’t he? Asimov was a biochemist. Neither of them were biologists. Or maybe this is the bit where we conflate all science with evolution, because it’s a buzzword for EVIL.

It kind of reminds me of the bit in Stuart’s 2009 Colorado Skepticamp presentation, when he was showing some clips from everyone’s favorite creationist blowhard Ken Ham. One of the clips referred to the “evolutionary science of comets,” at which point I almost fell out of my chair. While one can talk about a comet’s “evolution,” it was pretty plain that they were in fact attaching the word “evolution” to anything they didn’t like, to mark it as one of those evil things that doesn’t support a literal interpretation of the Bible.

That aside, I totally want to read this guy’s review of Twilight. It would be like two things I hate coming together and creating something mind-blowingly fantastic.

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