No Sh!t, There I Was: Lo, He Has Risen

So in an anthology titled No Shit, There I was, there have got to be some classic “no shit” stories, right? At least you’d hope so–and don’t worry, you’re not hoping in vain! We’ve got a couple that are definitely tales of strange happenings that lead to an odd and hilarious conclusion.

The first of these is Lo, He Has Risen, by Linda Tyler. You start off right in the head of a woman of a certain age who’s attending a Church of England service, enjoying the “bells and smells” routine. Then the comforting cultural theater is interrupted by an apparition of her deceased neighbor, and thing gets a bit silly.

I loved this story because it’s so indefatigably British. You can just hear it from the first words of the narration, read it in the way all of the characters react and interact because of mischievous ghost.There’s just something to this nice lady looking around her church that you couldn’t imagine an American doing. There’s a sly, wry sort of humor about the goings on that can’t be denied.

The best part is the way the ghost that brings people together, which I am not going to spoil for you–you’ll just have to read it, but all of the slush jackalopes were just tickled. The story is absolutely charming, and for the price of two cups of tea at a local cafe, you can support the kickstarter and have a copy of the book for yourself!

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