"The crime of having been punched in the face" 2

As a generally nerdy person, I read a lot of science fiction – and write a bit non-professionally. I would find this incredibly upsetting to begin with, but maybe it has hit me even harder because of that connection. Dr Peter Watts, Canadian science fiction writer, beaten and arrested at US border.

Yes, we don’t know the whole story. But frankly, unless the man came out of his car swinging or wielding a weapon, this is not okay. Considering the pattern of problems that people who I personally know have had entering or leaving the US (Fouad being detained, Aki’s friends getting a world of insane crap because someone accused them of stealing a pen, for example) it doesn’t surprise me. It just makes me feel more ashamed and angry. Things haven’t been peachy-keen at the US borders for quite some time (if ever) but the constant fearmongering about terrorists and the extra power that gives some people over others in regards to security just makes it uglier and uglier.

Dr. Watts’ account of the incident. Even more upsetting.

What Scalzi has to say about it.

I’ve donated $30 to help with his legal defense. I wish I could donate more.

Edit: Local news story about the incident. And another from today.

Follow-up by Dr. Watts; says there are a couple errors in the story.

2 thoughts on “"The crime of having been punched in the face"

  1. Reply Cacodaemonia Dec 12,2009 04:09

    yeah, I heard about that poor guy this morning. :(

    Oh, and don’t forget about the car I was in being searched because I had a stomach flu and got sick at the border crossing!

  2. Reply Rachael Dec 12,2009 17:18

    Oh geeze, yeah. Another awful story to chalk up to the border patrol. Lovely people…

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