Ego > IQ?

Well, obviously. For guys, at least.

I find this very unsurprising, to be honest. Sorry, but we still very much live in a society where women feel a definite pressure to dumb themselves down. This sort of study also lines up pretty nicely with the “girls are bad at science/math” attitude as well. Men think they’re smarter than us; we do too. And I imagine if a woman thinks that she’s not as smart as her fellow men, she’s not going to fight as hard for her share of education or her right to be there.

I’m sure of course that there are egotistical women (like me?) that think they’re far smarter than they actually are. It’s just that the general trend is for men to have the ego and women to agree that ladyparts suck the oxygen out of your brain.

While this may be funny in some ways (I’m obviously poking fun at it myself), let’s also not forget that there are real and horrible consequences to this sort of sexism. Yesterday was the 20th anniversary of the Montreal Massacre, when a man who hated feminists and believed they didn’t belong in the field entered an engineering seminar, separated the men from the women, and began shooting the women.

Pretending we’re different when we’re not may bring the funny, but it also can fuel much, much darker things.

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