[WorldCon] WSFS Preliminary Meeting Summary 2

For those to whom the liveblog is too long or too confusing, I shall summarize.

The Preliminary business meeting is for setting the agenda for the main business meetings on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I will be referring to all amendments by their working titles. If you want to know the substance of these, refer to the WSFS agenda linked to from this page. Or I have my quick and dirty readings of them here, with some helpful clarifications provided by people in the comments.


  • All amendments from the 2015 business meetings were successfully put on the agenda with debate times set.
  • EPH and 4 and 6 were both postponed definitely to the Sunday meeting, so that they could be considered in light of the results of this year’s Hugos. We’ve been promised a report particularly on how EPH would have affected the nomination outcomes for the last five years at Sunday’s meeting. After much back and forth, EPH will be considered before 4 and 6 because if the former passes, the latter should be considered for modification.
  • There will be an informal discussion about EPH after the meeting tomorrow.
  •  Best Series will be debated in the general meetings, with a report from a committee (which I was on) with some recommendations to modifying the language. (Spoiler here: In committee, Colin Harris eloquently talked me down from what I was trying to do, but we did come up with some necessary clarifications.)
  • The proposed amendment to turn Two Years Is Enough into This Year’s Hugos, This Year’s Nominators was defeated. Two Years Is Enough (which will remove the current right of year N+1’s WorldCon attendees to nominate for the Hugo) will be considered in the main business meeting.
  • Additional Finalists is postponed indefinitely and will not be considered this year.
  • December Is Good EnoughThree Stage VotingEPH+Retrospective ImprovementsUniversal SuffrageNon-transferability of Voting Rights, and Young Adult Award will all be considered during the main business meeting. (YA Award with the rather surprising statement from Mr McCarty that though he has thoroughly objected to YA proposals in the past, he feels that this one deserves to be debated.)
  • EPH+ will be considered on Sunday after EPH due to definite postponement.
  • Retrospective Improvements has been split into three separate parts, each of which will be debated and voted on in the main business meeting.
  • No change to the Mark Protection Committee; all retiring members are nominated again.

If you have any questions/corrections, please feel free to leave a comment, I promise that I do go through and deal with the moderation queue.

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    I very much appreciate the live blogging and the summaries! Hope you are having a great con!

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