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Denver voters will be asked to create UFO commission

Oh yes, Peckman is back. In 2003 it was a plan to instate city-wide stress relief programs. Last year it was his utterly asinine “alien” video, which the Rocky Mountain Paranormal Society*** utterly demolished. And now, because not enough people think he’s crazy, or think that Denver’s full of insane people, he’s setting up a voting initiative for Denver to create a UFO commission. No, really.

This would still be a colossal waste of time and money, even if we were in the greatest world economy of all time. Considering the current economic issues we’ve got going on, this is just beyond irresponsible. Now, I don’t think it will pass. I really, really hope it won’t. (Don’t disappoint me, Denver. Please.) I can’t vote against it myself, since I live in a different city. Hopefully since it’ll be on the 2010 ballot, there will be a decent voter turnout and it’ll go down in spectacular, Hindenburg-like style.

Also, apparently Peckman has been living under a rock and doesn’t realize that there already is an organization looking for aliens. It’s called SETI. Or maybe he doesn’t think that SETI is doing a good enough job because they’re, you know, too concerned with doing actual science. Instead of making hoax videos. I suppose it’s too much to hope that Seth Shostak, incensed at the slight to his honor, will dispatch SETI’s ninja death squad to Denver. But a girl can dream.

I suppose one good thing that may come of this is that it’s getting the city of Denver to focus on how stupidly easy it is to get an initiative on the ballot. May Denver have more luck with fixing that problem than the state of Colorado did last year.

***made of 100% pure awesome

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