[WorldCon] WSFS Business Meeting #3 Summary 4

Greetings from the McDonald’s in Russell, Kansas. Writing a summary whilst eating chicken mcnuggets. As you do. Today was the final business meeting, which was one hell of a ride. You can get granular detail of The Amazing Adventures of the Committee of the Whole from the liveblog.

NOTE: I will be referring to all amendments by their working titles. If you want to know the substance of these, refer to the WSFS agenda linked to from this page. Or I have my quick and dirty readings of them here, with some helpful clarifications provided by people in the comments.

There was a lot of arcane Roberts Rules of verbal fisticuffs shit that went on today that is best left to the complete liveblog. Here’s the highlights:

  • Three Stage Voting started the day. The amended language that was sent to committee yesterday was reported back, then defeated. The amendment is voted on with its original language, passes, and will be up for ratification in Helsinki.
  • The rules are suspended with unanimous consent to re-form the YA committee with all the same people, just a different chairperson.
  • A clause is added to EPH to allow the WSFS business meetings each year to vote to suspend it, if so chosen. Due to debate time running out, we went into first a question time with Mr McCarty and Mr Quinn, and then a committee of the whole so we could discuss the issue in more detail. EPH was then ratified and will take effect next year.
    • A resolution was passed to request that the Hugo Administrators provide the meeting data next year about what the ballot would have looked like without EPH so we can compare. Note that this is a request, because we don’t actually get to tell the administrators what to do.
    • Shit got intense here, people.
  • I named my newly-evolved Electrode Mr Dashoff because I’m pretty sure the chair was making that exact face at several points.
  • 4 and 6 is amended to become 5 and 6 instead at the request of its author. This means that everyone will get to make five nominations, and six slots will be on the ballot for finalists. The new 5 and 6 then passes.
  • EPH+ passes with shocking speed considering the incredibly labyrinthine state of the rest of the morning, and will be up for ratification in Helsinki.
  • We adjourned with 12 minutes to spare, if you can believe it. I still don’t.

And that’s it for this year, guys! Tomorrow, assuming I can brain things, I will be writing a blog post to explain this tweet. My feelings on EPH have… shifted.

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  1. Reply Ravenshaw Aug 22,2016 12:57

    Thanks for your live blogs and summaries. As an interested party on another continent, they’ve been a great substitute for the real thing.

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  3. Reply homunq Aug 26,2016 08:25

    Now I regret not opening any of my statements with “You must be out of your goddamn mind…”

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