(Personal) Wish List

My birthday is coming up, as is Christmas. As usual, putting this here for ease of reference for people close enough to me to want to throw a gift tied to a brick through my window.

Everyone else, carry on, nothing to see here.

In order of how desperately I need the thing:

  1. 2.5″ metal collar stays (eg: these, though I’m not sure what the length is here)
  2. Doc Martens For Life, black mens size 7 (my original black Docs are falling apart)
  3. Rockport cap toe oxfords, black, size 7 1/2 (current pair also falling apart)
  4. iTunes gift cards / send me books on Audible so I have things to listen to while I drive all over Denver for work
  5. Starbucks gift cards since I seem to be haunting Starbucks a lot during my breaks
  6. Subscription to Vanity Fair
  7. Subscription to Teen Vogue
  8. Pocket watch chain
  9. NOOK Glowlight Plus
  10. Sunbreaker T-shirt, size mens large
  11. Travel (tea) mug 
  12. Blue Yeti Microphone
  13. CycleOps Magneto | Leveling Block

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