A bouquet of Jellyfish and Algae

Jellyfish swarm northward in warming world

Harmful Algal Blooms – HABs

So, Japan is being invaded by swarms of jellyfish, and we’re being inundated with stinking, toxin oozing slime of the variety that doesn’t carry firearms to townhall meetings. The simple fact sheet on the algae doesn’t speculate as to cause, but the jellyfish are being pretty strongly linked to rising ocean temperatures.

Really, the jellyfish article is fascinating. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the image of a fishing boat capsizing due to a net bulging with giant, alien-looking jellyfish.

Hm… I wonder if that means out the next bizarre theory about what took out the dinosaurs will be jellyfish… of DEATH. Or maybe the jellyfish are in cahoots with the algae. You never know.

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