Turkey day and blog note

So, happy turkey day to my fellow Americans. Happy Thursday to everyone else in the world who is probably once again sighing over the fact that the damn Americans think everything revolves around our holidays. I speak to you from the depths of food torpor to say, hey man, if you were around I would have totally given you a piece of pecan pie because that seems a good way to end a Thursday no matter what.

It was a good, relaxing day and at least I got to put in a 20 mile bike ride before the feasting started, so I’ll pretend that counts for something. On the way home from that, wind at my back, I tried to think about what I would say for the traditional Things I Am Thankful For.Thanksgiving thing can be trite at times, but it is good to have a day where you feel obligated to sit down and think about what is good in your life and your world.

Best I can come up with is this:


I am thankful for that blue marble we see there, and the human ingenuity that enabled us to take such a breathtaking picture, and the incredible things we can do with this one life we have. I get all teary-eyed when I look at things like this because I need the reminder that maybe I’m having a shitty day here and there, maybe I’m stressed out, but humanity has fucking walked on the Moon, and put robots on Mars. Even when I wonder if we’re going to make it because people are so intent on hurting each other every day, we can still do amazing and beautiful and unimaginable things. And every second when someone out there decides that they would rather love than hate, that we’re all in this together on our little blue marble in space, I’m thankful for that too.

On a less serious note, don’t forget that I will be watching a Ray Comfort DVD for you guys tomorrow and liveblogging it. Let’s say I’ll do it at 13:00 MST. Apologies in advance, the DVD is only 33 minutes long, so if I don’t get enough snark out of that I’ll see if I can grab something else short and do that too.

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