A girl and her pet rock (3)

Well, I did my photomicrographs of my thin section today, and I think they turned out really well! There’s some beautiful examples of what calcite looks like in thin section if nothing else. I’m still sad that all of my olivines have been altered by weathering, though; normal olivines are very bright and pretty. Altered, they’re just interesting shades of gray.

Pictures of my thin section!

Also, I’ve got some nice phlogopite mica in my sample. Phlogopite is a hydrated mica; in the pictures that I have, it’s very hard to tell it apart from biotite, actually. The tip off is that it’s in kimberlite (very hydrated) and that under plane light it looks different as you rotate it. It goes from honey-colored to almost transparent, which is unfortunately not something you can really show with photos.

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