Reminder: The Red Cross still needs donations and you still want me to watch TWO terrible things!

Well, I’m already going to watch a terrible thing for you but there’s 48 hours left to make that into two terrible things.

$209.40 have been donated to the Red Cross since I threw down this gauntlet on November 5th. That means I’m going to liveblog a terrible Ray Comfort anti-abortion DVD that got left on my friend’s windshield because he was parked near a Planned Parenthood. I’ll liveblog that on November 19th.

But remember! if $40.60 more get donated, I’ll liveblog Metal Tornado as well! Or, if we get really crazy and there’s $140.60 more out there for the Red Cross, instead I’ll watch Dreams From My Real Father, which  is a right-wing birther propaganda movie almost guaranteed to make me blow out a vein in my head.

If you donate money, comment here, tweet at me, etc etc etc.

But trust me, I’m more than happy to get off easy and only have to suffer through one terrible movie. Even if the victims of Hurricane Sandy could still use the help.

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