FAQ: Will there be a sequel?

In case you didn’t notice… I HAVE A BOOK OUT AAAAAAAAAAA

And a lot of wonderful, intelligent, incredibly good-looking people with impeccable taste have been asking me if there will be a sequel. And the answer is… YES!

As a matter of fact, funny story, but I literally typed “THE END” on the rough draft for the sequel two days after Hunger Makes the Wolf was released in the US. I am in the process of editing it right now. MAYBE EVEN AS YOU READ THIS VERY POST.

I can’t tell you much more about it than that at the moment because I don’t want to get turned into a shuriken pincushion by the Angry Robot MechaNinja Squad(TM), but I can assure you of the following:

  • You will find out what the Bone Collector’s deal is
  • You will find out more about what the fuck is up with this weird-ass planet anyway
  • There is more Mag, more Hob, and a lot more swearing
  • Things will get blown up

If you’d like to get the updates as they come, hey, I have a mailing list!

I appreciate all the support and kind things y’all have had to say about my sweary space witch biker lady friendship book so far. It’s meant a lot to me! And if I can ask one more favor… if you enjoyed it enough that you want a sequel, pretty please go at least rate the book on Goodreads if you do that, Amazon, or wherever you happened to buy it from. That really, really does help. Reviews are like unexpected unbirthday presents! Also, if you have a card at your local library, consider asking them to get the book so other people can enjoy it. 

(All of the above are amazing gifts to give any author whose work you enjoy.)

And if you haven’t read the book yet, now’s your chance! You know I’m not going to leave you hanging sequel-less. And look, people have been saying all kinds of super nice things about Hunger Makes the Wolf:

“It has a wonderful weird west vibe and some of the phrasing is simply delicious. Hob is a wonderful character to follow – hers is a solid journey and I got a bit choked up when Hob stood up for what she wanted. Alex crafts a host of fascinating characters here – the Weathermen, the Bone Collector – and I reckon you’re going to love their adventures.”
E Catherine Tobler, author of the Folley & Mallory Adventures and The Kraken Sea

“This thing drips with tension – between characters, within the story itself – that makes it impossible to put down. I needed to know what would happen next, what would Hob do. Tanegawa’s World may be a desolate and uninviting terrain, but it provides fertile ground for the characters,who truly blossom on the page.”
– Shana DuBois for B&N Sci-Fi & Fantasy Blog

“It’s a science fiction Western thriller, and it is great, and I’m really, intensely, eagerly looking forward to the sequel. This is the sort of thing I really like. UP WITH THIS SORT OF THING.”
– Liz Bourke, for Tor.com

“The story is a fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat space opera, tied together with the characters’ struggles, adventures, and mishaps. If you’ve ever thought, “You know what Dune needed more of? More magic and a biker gang!” then this book was written for you.”
The Canary Review

“I was expecting a fun, quick space adventure read, but this story is so much more than that.”
Helen Lindley

“This one definitely makes it into my ‘Highly Recommended’ stack. I’d pick this one up for sure if you’re looking for a fun action romp with some unique and amazing female characters.”
All Booked Up Blog

“I’m always excited when I find a new book that makes me stay up all night reading because I simply can’t put it down. I’m doubly excited when that book is the first in a brand new series. Hunger Makes the Wolf is both those things. Needless to say that I’m absolutely in love.”
Elena Linville’s Tower of Winds

“This is a very cool novel. Hunger Makes the Wolf is a fun, fast, gripping read.”
– The Irresponsible Reader

Hunger Makes the Wolf is an entrancing addition to any science-fiction lover’s collection. The clever prose alone is enough to grab your attention, but what really makes this novel shine is how immersive it is. The worldbuilding is meticulous, the characters are multifaceted and original, and the present themes are timely and inspiring.”
RT Book Reviews

“I have to commend Alex Wells, this book was a genuine pleasure. Just goes to prove, irrespective of genre, you can’t go wrong with well-rounded characters and a plot that zips along at a good pace.”
The Eloquent Page

“Grab any science fiction book and you’ll see they all have the exact same thing in common: the plots and devices of the stories are all predictable and never stray out of bounds. They hardly even push the envelope and, with great joy, I’m glad the author never got that memo. Here’s why: Wells adds magic to the mix. It’s a stroke of genius I’ve been waiting for Peter F Hamilton or Alastair Reynolds to pull off to no avail.”
The Splattergeist

“It’s a well-conceived, smartly plotted, enthusiastically fast-paced sci-fi adventure with some cool ideas and a couple of excellent lead characters who’ve got plenty growing still to do in future books.”
SF Bluestocking

“This is one gem of a story you shouldn’t miss out on.”
Smorgasbord Fantasia

“I will be picking up future volumes.”
James Nicoll Reviews

“Sharp, honed, and brilliant.”
Skiffy & Fanty

“Obvious parallels to Frank Herbert’s Dune will draw readers into this action-packed tale of tyranny and rebellion, but Wells’s character developments take the plot in new directions, leaving the possibility of a sequel.”
Library Journal

Hunger Makes the Wolf is a great bit of sci-fi with a dash of fantasy, all cleverly disguised as a brutal, kick-ass western. I want more!”
Michael Patrick Hicks

“Angry Robot has really upped its game lately; this is one of their best recent releases. Strong debut and I hope for a sequel to start answering a few more of my questions.”
Fantasy Review Barn

Thank you, everyone. Keep reading!

PS: Slightly-less-FAQ answer: Why yes, Coyote and Dambala are totally banging. They’re basically shitbag murderhusbands.

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