Friday Link-O-Rama!

Water triggers earthquakes – An interesting look at the influence of water on fault deformation and volcano formation at a plate boundary. This of course immediately put me in mind of other situations in which fluids influence fault activity in my own backyard, Such as in Trinidad, Colorado recently, as well as the famous Rocky Mountain Arsenal disposal well-induced earthquakes.

Scientists to study rebirth of an island after volcanic eruption – Looking at how an ecosystem recovers after having been catastrophically wiped out by a volcanic eruption.

Mayoral Candidate Anna Falling Wants Creationism Exhibit – Because Oklahoma can’t let its neighbor Texas have all the wacky fun.

Project pushes innovation to save coast – Since the Mississippi has been channelized, there’s been a major problem with sediment build up in the channels and a connected major problem with sediment starvation for the coast. If only freeing the river were an option, but since it’s not, they’re looking at their options.

Planet Smash-Up Sends Vaporized Rock, Hot Lava Flying – Sounds like a Bruckheimer film, doesn’t it?

Mars Orbiter Shows Angled View of Martian Crater – Very, very cool picture.

The Creation “Museum” – PZ Myers takes a fantastic journey into the darkest recesses of utter nonsense. It was actually a zerg on the so-called museum by the Secular Student Alliance. Links to many more (very amusing) accounts here.

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