I Snoopy danced through the election in Colorado

Two days late, whatever. So yeah, this happened. 

As you can imagine, I’m pretty pumped about that, because the president of the United States hasn’t switched over to being an plastic manbot with a faulty truth chip. I’m pumped there are going to be record number of women in the senate. I’m pumped we have our first openly lesbian Senator in the US.  I’m pumped Elizabeth Warren took down Scott Brown. I’m thrilled beyond words that every single one of the crazy Republican rape guys lost.
But that’s not the point of this post. It was an awesome election in Colorado!
First off, in slightly less awesome news, we sent 4 Republicans and 3 Democrats to the federal House. I’m incredibly happy Jared Polis (who once entered The Internet is For Porn into the congressional record) is returning to Washington, even if I’m sad he’s no longer my rep due to redistricting. I have Ed Perlmutter instead, who is less mind-blowingly awesome, but is also not Joe Coors thank goodness. Mostly I’m sad that Brandon Shaffer and Joe Miklosi lost (ugh to Mike Coffman) but there’s not anything I could have done in those races but crossed my fingers extra hard.
So yeah, you might have heard we legalized recreational pot. Thought I’d put that out there first because apparently everyone I have ever met is planning on couch surfing at my house sometime before I move to Houston. And we legalized it by a 10 point margin, which is not too shabby. What does it actually mean? No idea, since pot is still illegal federally. I’m looking forward to seeing the conservatives that like to talk about states rights when it comes to screwing over women and LGBT people potentially tie themselves in knots over this one. 
But I’m excited about the idea that between Colorado and Washington, maybe we’re sending a message to the feds that we’ve had just about enough of the bullshit “drug war.” Here’s hoping. I think we have a much better chance of a positive outcome with Obama as president than Romney.
Ah, and for the record? I voted to legalize pot. Duh. I’ve also never touched the stuff in my life. My vices have been limited to alcohol, and damn little of that. And I have no interest in ever trying pot, either. But I think responsible adults should be able to do it legally if they want, and that our police and courts and prisons have better things to spend their time and money on than a bunch of potheads whose worst crime is bogarting the Fritos.
We also signed off on a collective ‘screw you’ to Citizens United. Well, this one is a bit weirder. By 48% we amended the Colorado Constitution to direct our federal office holders to push for a Constitutional amendment to get rid of that shit-ass campaign finance decision. Which I have mixed feelings about… because I don’t like just amending the Colorado state constitution willy-nilly, but man do I hate Citizens United like a champ. Plus this is actually non-binding… but I think it’s something the representatives and senators from Colorado would have to think twice about before ignoring, since… 48% margin. 
We’ll see if it actually does anything. I’m not convinced. But I hope Colorado has made its point about how we feel.
Jefferson County, where I lived, approved both of its school budget issues. I’m happy about that. The schools need more money, and it’ll help the kids out. And even if I dont have kids of my own, these guys will be in charge of the country when I start thinking about retiring, so I would really prefer they’re functional human beings with a reasonable eduction. 
The Democrats have retaken the Colorado state house and kept the senate. I’m excited about this personally because I no longer have Robert Ramirez (whom I have never liked) as my state rep – I have Tracy Kraft-Tharp, and by a comfortable margin. And I got to keep Evie Hudak as my state senator, and I just adore her to bits. But the really exciting thing about this? We almost had civil unions in Colorado this year, and representative McNulty, with the complicity of the Republican majority, kept the bill from going to vote. Well, McNulty is still around, but he no longer has a majority. So he can sit down, shut up, and get out of the way of progress.
Let’s do it, Colorado. Civil unions, then let’s fix our state constitution, and let’s get back to leading.

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