70 million year old soft tissue.

Remember: scientists love it when the impossible happens. (At least when the impossible happens in an observable, empirical fashion.) It’s time for us to rethink our understanding of the process of fossilization. As we understand it now, this would have been impossible – but it happened! So now we need to work out the how and why. This is so COOL!

And here it is – soft tissue found with a 70 million year old fossilized dinosaur bone! A T-rex bone, to be precise. This is beyond cool. It means that they can do some biological comparisons between the Big T and birds, and they may even be able to sequence its DNA. Don’t worry, there’s a BIG difference between knowing an animal’s DNA and being able to clone it, so we won’t be seeing Jurassic (or in this case Cretaceous) park any time soon.

Scientists recover T-Rex soft tissue.

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