Okay seriously why do you people hate me. (YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME)

Less than 24 hours after setting out the challenge, the goal of $100 donated to the Red Cross has been reached! Wow, you guys must seriously hate me! (And by that, I mean the people who read my blog are AWESOME.)

Thus, you have bought my tasty, tasty suffering on Black Friday. I will liveblog that Ray Comfort DVD. I will liveblog the shit out of it.

But let’s not stop there. The Red Cross needs us! And apparently, you need me to alternately froth and sob over my keyboard!

So I propose this – if you get up to $250 on the donations before November 19, I will throw in Metal Tornado the next week (So probably on November 30 or December 1), because I saw it was available on Netflix and it sure does look like a thing. If you get to $350, instead of Metal Tornado I’ll liveblog Dreams From My Real Father: A Story of Reds and Deception, which is an anti-Obama birther wingnut DVD my parents have some how gotten hold of (don’t ask) and almost guaranteed to make me burst a blood vessel in my eye.

I’ll keep up the running money tally on the original post.

Sound good? Help out the victims of Sandy with the Red Cross! MAKE ME SUFFER!


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