Awards Eligibility 2018 2

I just realized I ought to do this for the reference of anyone who might care, and in a much more permanent form than on Twitter. Because I did do a thread on Twitter, you see, but that hardly counts when I can’t even manage to find it myself.

So, what the fuck did I have published this year?


THAT’S RIGHT I HAVE A SECOND FUCKING NOVEL OH YEAH – Blood Binds the Pack, written under the pen name Alex Wells. It’s the sequel to Hunger Makes the Wolf and I’m incredibly proud of it because I feel like I really leveled up my writing game here.


I did have a new novella published this year too! The title is The Flying Turk and you can find it in the collection Murder on the Titania and Other Steam-Powered Adventures.

Short Stories

Three short stories out this year:

Excerpts from the Personal Journal of Dr. V. Frankenstein, MD, Department of Pathology, Our Lady of Mercy Hospital in We Shall Be Monsters

40 Facts About the Strip Mall at the Corner of Never and Was is in the final Shimmer

Siren was published in Sword and Sonnet

(If you’d like to read either of these and don’t have a copy of the magazine or anthology, contact me.)

Other Writing

I’ve been writing at Book Riot all year. I think my three best/favorite bits are:

All Issues of FIYAH Literary Magazine Removed from Goodreads (Book Riot)

How WorldCon Failed Marginalized Creators With Programming and Communication (Book Riot)

My Housemate Explains The Fountainhead to Me (Book Riot)

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