Donate to the Red Cross, Make Rachael Liveblog Something Awful

I’ve already donated to the Red Cross to help out those who have been caught by Hurricane Sandy. I’d like you to donate as well. And I have a (dubious) reward for you if you do!

I’ve noticed my blog posts tend to get around 100 hits. I’m hoping that means at least 100 people actually read my little blog. So if you each gave $1 to the Red Cross, that’d make $100, right?

So here’s my proposal. If my readers donate $100 in total to the Red Cross between now and November 19, I will liveblog something terrible. Right now, it’s looking like it would be the random Ray Comfort DVD that got left on my friend’s windshield when he was parked near a Planned Parenthood. Because I would rather hammer nails into my skull than subject myself to Ray Comfort + Anti-abortion bullshit, so it’ll likely be hilarious.

Though I am, of course, open to suggestions. Please feel free to leave your thoughts on this topic in comments.

I’d like to operate this on the honor system. If you donate to the Red Cross because you both want me to suffer and want to help out the victims of Hurrican Sandy, leave a comment on this blog post, tweet at me, comment on facebook, plurk at me, something. If $100 has been donated by the 19th of this month, I will liveblog for you on Black Friday so you can exercise off some of your turkey with evil belly laughs.


Money thus far: $209.40 (OH GOD NO NOT RAY COMFORT)

Challenge update since you blew away the first goal:
– Get to $250 and I’ll liveblog Metal Tornado as well, because that sure looks like a thing.
– Get to $350 and I’ll liveblog Dreams From My Real Father: A Story of Reds and Deception instead of Metal Tornado. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a birther propaganda piece that will probably cause me to rupture a blood vessel in my eye.

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