WorldCon Dublin schedule

Busy busy!

IMPORTANT NOTE! This year I’m actually participating in the WSFS Business Meeting as the timekeeper (god help us) so I’m obviously not going to be able to liveblog the meeting. That said, I’m going to see about having one or two guest bloggers who share my love of pedantry and serpentines take over that task for this year, so stay tuned.

Thursday, August 15

  • Understanding the WSFS Business Meeting (13:30-14:20)

Friday, August 16

  • WSFS Business Meeting (10:00-12:50)
  • Can Fiction Convince People When Facts Can’t? (14:00-14:50) [Wicklow Room-2]
  • Autograph session (16:00-16:50) [Level 4 Foyer] (PLEASE COME SEE ME SO I DON’T DIE IN SAD LONELINESS!)
  • Reading (18:30-18:50) [Liffey Room-3] (PLEASE OH PLEASE I’M SO ALONE)

Saturday, August 17

  • WSFS Business Meeting (10:00-12:50)
  • Beyond Binary (14:00-14:50) [Wicklow Room-1]

Sunday, August 18

  • WSFS Business Meeting (10:00-12:50)
  • Kaffeeklatsch (16:00-16:50) [Level 3 Foyer]

Monday, August 19

  • Stroll with the Stars (09:00-09:50) [Ground Floor Foyer]
  • WSFS Business Meeting (10:00-12:50)
  • Holy Forking Shirtballs: The Good Place Panel (13:00-13:50) [Wicklow Hall 2B]

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