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Liveblog of the preliminary meeting here.

Liveblog of business meeting 1 here.

Summary of the preliminary and meeting 1 here.

Liveblog of business meeting 2 here.

The agenda is available here.


1003: Due to a lack of coffee service at the Business Meeting, your liveblogger is slightly late from running to the local Centra to get coffee for herself and tea for Alex.

1008: The Chairperson assures us that not having coffee and tea today is a punishment for making us run into Monday. This is fair.

1012: DIscussion about the hanbdouts yesterday as being debate. By bringing debate into the room as a handout, they are cutting into debate time and this is unfair. Requests a ruling on this from the chair. Due to the nature of printed and distributed materials, this point is in order. Nothing in the rules that explicitly disallows handouts of any kind, not any provision about printed materials classified as debate. While they qualify philosophically as debate, procedurally they do not. With the state of our current rules, they are not disallowed. However, this will be addressed next year with the new resolution proposed at the end of yesterday’s meeting.

1018: Motion to appeal the ruling of the chair. Arguments in favor include privileging the opinions of the motion publishers. Ruling is sustained, however it is good to remember the meeting has the ability to change the rules and that if we wish to do so, we have the power.

1029: Item D9, Non-Transferrability of Voting Rights. This would essentially divorce the membership of WSFS from attending the con. There seems to be some confusion about whether this means attendees would be able to attend the Business Meeting, and if transferred supplements need a supporting membership, and if that means voting members would pay more than people who only attend.

1036: Motion to refer to committee with Dave McCarty, Ben Yalow, and Kate Secor (along with anyone else who is interested and willing). Ben agrees to chair the committee.  Vote to refer to committee passes.

1044: On to Item D10, Preserving Supporting Membership Sales for Site Selection. Cliff Dunn in favor as it would clarify existing procedure and prevent some gaming of the system. Kent Bloom against, as it seems very nitpicking, and that it should be up to the con’s administrators to deal with. Todd Dashoff in favor, we have a nitpicking committee, let them have a few more nits if they want. It is a good idea because many new sites are in the running and it makes it clear to them. PRK against, to refer to the same comnmittee as D9 as that would have an effect on D10. Kate Secor against referring as it is a simnple change, and the committee can always add language about this as part of their deliberation. Joshua Kronengold moves to close debate. Motion is not referred to committee.  Underlying motion passes, D10 will be passed on to next year.

1047: The Business Meeting commends the head table for their work this year. A chair falls down, but the Chair assures us they have not fallen down. Kevin Standlee rises for recreational parlimentarianism.

1050: The Chair is presented with an engraved gavel which says “Jesi Lipp, Chair, World Science Fiction Society, 2019, Dublin, Ireland”. The Chair admits they had fun, even though it is sick and twisted to call this fun. Audio and video crew is thanked. Meeting is adjourned sine dea.

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  2. Reply Kendall Aug 19,2019 04:58

    Thanks for live-blogging each day!

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  4. Reply Laura Aug 19,2019 11:00

    “The Chair admits they had fun, even though it is sick and twisted to call this fun.” 😁 Ha!

    Thanks for live blogging. Didn’t catch it live today, but nice to see what happened.

  5. Reply kastandlee Sep 7,2019 15:27

    Thank you for your live blogging, which has helped me a great deal in writing my report for Locus, given that my written notes are still in a box making its slow way back to me from Ireland in the mail. BTW, it’s “sine die” (means “without day” in Latin).

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