[WorldCon] Quick Summary: WSFS Business Meetings 2 & 3

Again, maximum mea culpa, yesterday was a garbage fire, and for more reasons than you might expect.

Liveblog of the preliminary meeting here.

Liveblog of business meeting 1 here.

Summary of the preliminary and meeting 1 here.

Liveblog of business meeting 2 here.

Liveblog of business meeting 3 here.

The agenda is available here.


Business Meeting 2 Summary

  • Site selection! Washington, DC will have WorldCon 2021, DisCon III.
  • “No Deadline for Nominations Eligibility” is amended to make deadline of January 31, gets a little name change due to there now being a deadline, and is sent on to ConZealand for ratification.
  • “Best Game or Interactive Experience” is referred to the Hugo Study Committee with instructions that it should be given to an appointed subcommittee in which the originators of that amendment will be invited to participate.
  • “Five and Five,” through cunning action, is amended to become “Five and Six” while still removing the sunset provisions. The new “Five and Six” passes and will be sent on to ConZealand for ratification.
  • The earlier motion to suspend five and six for 2020 fails.
  • “Clear Up the Definition of Public in the Artist Category Forever” passes and will be sent on to ConZealand for ratification.
  • Serpentine count: 0

Business Meeting 3 Summary: 

  • On handouts presenting arguments (this year, both were against amendments) being brought to the business meeting, the chair rules that that there is nothing in the rules that disallows this, so it is allowed, and notes that we have the ability as a body to change the rules.
  • “Non-transferability of Voting Rights” is referred to committee.
  • “Preserving Supporting Membership Sales for Site Selection” passes on, to be considered for ratification at ConZealand.
  • Congratulations on Jesi for chairing their first business meeting! Kevin gave them an engraved gavel!
  • Serpentine count: 0

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