Quiz: Protoss or IKEA Furniture 1

So you may or may not know, but I wrote a novelette for the 10th anniversary of StarCraft II: One People, One Purpose

I am super duper proud of this story! And in celebration of that, I started an EXTREMELY SILLY Twitter quiz.

I will recreate the quiz below, and then put the answer key under the fold so people can check their answeres!

Choose the Protoss from each of these pairs of names! (The other is definitely IKEA furniture.)

Karax or Kallax

Galjon or Garudion

Kivik or Lyrak

Morabo or Mojo

Nyon or Alseda

Talis or Tarva

Vuku or Urun

Telbrus or Summera

Kaldalis or Sakarias

Marius or Mohandar








I’ve bolded the Protoss:

Karax or Kallax (82.2% chose correctly!)

Galjon or Garudion (81.8% chose correctly)

Kivik or Lyrak (76.1% chose correctly!)

Morabo or Mojo (54.9% chose correctly!)

Nyon or Alseda (59.7% chose correctly!)

Talis or Tarva (80.3% chose correctly!)

Vuku or Urun (62.6% chose correctly!)

Telbrus or Summera (67.8% chose correctly!)

Kaldalis or Sakarias (52.5% chose correctly!)

Marius or Mohandar (66.2% chose correctly!)

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  1. Reply wintryplum Dec 17,2020 10:03

    Takes me back to the glory days of Brunching Shuttlecocks!

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