MileHiCon Schedule

Another con gone virtual this year–we’re making the best of it! I have 2 panels on Friday and will be part of a reading on Sunday. If you’re interested in attending MileHiCon, the virtual con is $15 anyone 12 and older, and free for anyone younger.

  • Disposable Characters (10/23 1000-1100): Women in refrigerators and lesbians can’t find love without dying – there are a lot of tropes about characters being disposable. Join our panelists to discuss the difference between killing off a character to motivate the plot or move it along versus just throwing one away.
  • Machete or Scalpel: Editing Your Work (10/23 1200-1300): Whether it’s with surgical precision or whacking through
    the jungle of your words, you should choose your editing tools carefully. Come learn about the pros and cons of how you edit your work.
  • Queer SF&F Reading (10/25 1130-1230): Still haven’t decided what I’m going to read (maybe something new?) but it’ll be queer.

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