Awards Eligibility 2020 4

Since it is that season… again… here is what I’ve done this year.

  • One People, One Purpose – A story written for Blizzard (which still counts as a thing I’ve written!) about the Protoss trying to figure out how to move forward and come together as a people. I’m really proud of this story. (Published July 28, 2020; Wordcount: 10, 141)
  • Raising the Steaks – A near future low-stakes science ficton story about a cooking competition and collaboration between the arts and the sciences. (Published March 2020; Wordcount: 9,382)

4 thoughts on “Awards Eligibility 2020

  1. Reply Andrew Dec 5,2020 13:48

    Thank you for the links to your stories.

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  3. Reply Andrew Feb 18,2021 17:44

    Finally getting back here to say that I loved “Raising the Steaks”

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