Fixing Small Things 3

Unintentionally, today ended up being a fix stuff around the house kind of day. I was planning to take it easy and get some writing done, so maybe this was me avoiding writing when my house is already pretty clean. But honestly, it felt really good to do. I had a light fixture falling a bit out of the wall, which I got back into place using a madison strip. And then I had a big crack in a different wall (which I accidentally caused with my sit-stand desk… long story) and I got that spackled and painted.

I’m not a big home improvement guy. Most of the time, I am well aware that I am not The Guy and I need to find The Guy and pay them to fix the thing that’s gone wrong in my house. But I can spackle, goddammit, and I can paint. And apparently I can stick a Madison strip in the wall after I’ve watched a sufficient number of YouTube videos.

There’s a tiny bit of magic in fixing a small thing. Even if at the time you’re sweating into your eyes and wish you could just figure out why the fucking screw isn’t going in properly. Maybe it’s a way to exert control over your environment, similar to cleaning and organizing. At least when it’s something small and manageable like this, rather than soul-destroying like drilling out a broken fence post so you can set a new one. And right now, I think I needed something that would let me feel like I had even a little control over my surroundings… since right now I seem to be drifting back into my bad old habit of sleep procrastination, something I’ve classically done when I don’t feel like I have control over anything else.

Though at least this time I can say I’m not sleep procrastinating because I hate my job. I do hate being trapped in my house because of a pandemic–and all the other shitfuckery going on out there–and I know I’m not the only one. I can’t do anything about these things except phone calls and letters, and I’ve already done those. Doomscrolling Twitter doesn’t actually accomplish anything. It’s made it difficult for me to write, if I’m being honest, because I’m just so damn tired all the time–and sometimes tired means actually tired, and sometimes tired actually means depressed.

So today I fixed a light fixture and I spackled a wall. They weren’t big things, or urgent things, but my house is just a little bit nicer because of something I’ve done. Tomorrow, I’ll bake a loaf of bread for my housemate and I to enjoy for the week, and my house is going to smell lovely. For today, that’s enough.

(I am also putting more into my Patreon, by the way. So far this weekend, I’ve watched and written about Love and Monsters and the first two episodes of WandaVision.)

3 thoughts on “Fixing Small Things

  1. Reply Andrew Jan 17,2021 06:32

    Thanks for making your WandaVision post available to non-Patrons.

    ” It very much looked like a house interior specifically for a live audience sitcom in that it’s very obviously on a sound stage, but do you think there’s something weirder going on?”

    The episode 1 house interior was a near duplicate of the layout of the Petries’ home in “The Dick Van Dyke Show” – while the house interior in episode 2 was identical to the layout of the Stevens’ home in “Bewitched” – which makes sense since “Bewitched” began as a black and white program and transitioned to color, and had an animated intro, just like ep2 of WandaVision.

    • Reply Alex Jan 17,2021 17:22

      Oh wow, thank you for the info!! (And thanks for checking out the write up. The rest of the episodes are going to be patron only since there’s a tier specifically on the patreon for TV recaps. But I figure I’ll do every first episode for a new series as public. :) And if you’d be interested in joining in and have any questions, let me know!)

  2. Reply Andrew Jan 17,2021 17:28

    No problem. Spending the 70s watching reruns has made me very well versed on sitcom house layouts. I’ll check out the TV recap tier; maybe I can join in the fun.

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