The show must go on.

I went to my first concert in just… ages last night – Nightwish at the Ogden. You know, I can’t actually remember the last time I went to a concert. I think it might have been Flogging Molly, years and years ago, when Within a Mile of Home first came out.

Well, that’s another thing to rectify once I have both time and money again. I’m also still so very, very bitter about missing Florence + the Machine since I was in Houston when they were in Colorado.

But anyway, Nightwish. Kamelot opened for them. They’re… similar to Nightwish I guess, but I like Nightwish much better. I think I will search out a bit more of their music, though, to give it a try when I’m not half deaf and can actually understand the lyrics.

After Kamelot finished their set, Marco (the bass player) gave us some bad news from the stage. Anette (the lead singer) was extremely sick and had been taken to the hospital. So our options were basically to just give up and go home, or do the best we could… without the lead singer.

The crowd was game. Better half a show than nothing at all, right?

The female singer from Kamelot also helped out by singing the songs she knew – the older ones, like Amaranth and Nemo. It wasn’t perfect, but she was trying her heart out. From the audience, I think we were cheering even harder for her. And of course, we were all singing along to what we knew.

I can’t say it was a satisfying concert, but what really impressed me was that they tried, so hard. And we tried too, and still managed to have plenty of fun. Because what can you do? Better to try hard and love what you have rather than go home empty-handed and bitter.

I wish Anette a speedy recovery, and I hope she and Nightwish will be back in Denver soon. As much fun as I had, I imagine full, proper concert would be even better.

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