State of the job hunt

So yes, I was in Laramie for two days for a huge petroleum industry job fair type thing. I did nine interviews total, and used up all of my social interaction time for the next two weeks or so. I think I’m just going to hide in the basement and scream every time someone turns on the lights for a while.

I feel like the interviews went fairly well, though. Not that it means anything, since kind of the point is that interviewers put you at ease and you generally feel good unless you really hose something up. There was one interview that lasted a grand total of ten minutes out of the scheduled thirty, so I’m thinking that might have been a bust. But the rest seemed great.

I’ve got high hopes, but we’ll see how those hopes are looking in a couple of weeks. Most of the job offers are done in October and November. And if I get any second interviews it’ll be in the next couple of weeks that I get the call. There are a couple of companies that I’m desperately hoping to get second interviews with.

The really hard part, though, is thinking about what company I’d like to work for, and the fact that it’s not in Denver. Everything is really up in the air as to where I’ll be in six months, and that’s rough. Particularly since I just got back home, just got back into kung fu. Now I have to start thinking about leaving again.

I’m trying not to worry about it too much for now. Who knows what companies I’ll be hearing from, or what job offers I might get. But wish me luck, because I definitely need a real job once I’m done with this thesis!

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