Avenue Q at the Boulder Dinner Theater

Second time I’ve seen this musical, but the first time in a small theater. Mike and I went with my parents, who had never seen it before. They loved it. I thought the company did a really excellent job, particularly the lady who played Gary Coleman. She was great, and was obviously having an enormous amount of fun.

The Bad Idea Bears are still my favorite characters. I think just because each and every one of us have had friends just like that in real life. And occasionally been the friend who is just like that. And hey, who hasn’t wanted to squeal “Yaaaaaay!” in a gleeful, high-pitched voice over the worst idea ever?


The puppets looked great. I was impressed all over again by the amount of coordination the two-person puppets took.

If you’re in the Denver/Boulder/Longmont area, the show will be running until November 3 at the Boulder Dinner Theater. The food is all right too. I wasn’t that excited about the vegan curry, but my mom loved her salad and Mike liked his potato-crusted fish thing, so there you go.

And this? Still the best song ever:

And my congressman is still the most awesome ever for adding it to the congressional record during the SOPA debate.

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