In Which Loki Conquers Natural Wonders

Another day, another adventure, another bit of the realm to conquer. This time, to a place called Colorado Springs. 

The best plan of attack, Loki decided, was to start at the top and work his way down. He made his way to Manitou Springs, and found a curious building at the base of Pike’s Peak.

The mortal attendants were appropriately cowed and quickly provided him with a ticket.

Though he was forced to wait for the arrival of his chariot. This did not impress him.

Green would be a much better color than red. He made note to have that oversight seen to once he was done with his conquest.

Seating was reserved, at least.

The engineer carried a piece of the train with him as a talisman. Not worrying at all.

The mortals who dared share the train with him were appropriately fearful.

The journey commenced to a view of trees.

And trees.

And some rocks and trees.

Oh look. Trees.

A few pretty yellow trees as a change, perhaps.

A house amongst the trees for mortal hikers to cower in when fearing Thor.

The trees were beginning to get a bit dizzy with the incline. Or perhaps that was Loki beginning to feel the lack of oxygen.

At last, he broke free of the trees and could observe his domain.

Oh, more rocks. And tiny birds.

He gained the summit.

“You know what would truly be beautiful? KNEEL.”

“I don’t know what you mean by ‘Sad Loki in Snow.’ I’m not sad. I’m angry. Stop it. This isn’t funny.”

Perhaps Thor had noticed his presence; clouds began to gather rapidly, wreathing the mountain’s summit.

Not wanting to get dragged off by his oafish brother, Loki took refuge in the gift shop.

“Ever feel as if you’re being watched by someone that just won’t stop smiling?”

Coffee and a special Pike’s Peak donut before diving back out into the clouds and snow.

Having surveyed the area from the air, Loki turned his attention to a place called the Garden of the Gods. Already ready and waiting for him, it seemed. 

A glorious sunset beginning.

A good garden for a god, even one of mischief.

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