Schedule 2


This is me. Just in case you want to say hi.

A quick convention schedule overview, just so you know where I’ll be when if you’re interested in saying hello! More information will be added as it becomes available.


  • WorldCon 77 – Dublin, Ireland (August 15-19)
  • MileHiCon 51 – Denver, Colorado (October 18-20)

2 thoughts on “Schedule

  1. Reply Nina Else Oct 8,2018 17:15

    Alex, we sell books in the MHC Vendors Room and would like to know if you’ll be selling your own or if you’d like us to carry them. – Nina, Who Else Books @Broadway Book Mall.

    • Reply Alex Oct 9,2018 16:11

      I didn’t have plans to sell my books at MHC, so if you’re going to have them in stock I’ll be sure to send anyone interested your way!

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