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8 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Reply Steven Kaye Aug 18,2018 11:17

    So I want to be sure to buy your books at WorldCon, as thanks for volunteering to be a meatshield. Didn’t see Angry Robots listed at the dealer’s room, is there a specific dealer I should check out?

    • Reply Alex Aug 18,2018 12:05

      Angry Robot doesn’t have a booth this year, sadly. I haven’t been to the dealer room yet myself (thanks, mobility problems) so I’m not sure if anyone has my books in particular. My housemate said that Borderlands has some Angry Robot books on site, so they’re probably the place to check.

      • Reply Alex Acks Aug 18,2018 15:05

        Housemate found a few copies of my book at the both near the big E sign in the dealer room. Hope that helps!

  2. Reply Steven Kaye Aug 20,2018 14:35

    For the sake of my suitcase I wound up buying ebooks by you and the other #meatshields I saw mentioned on Twitter. Thanks again for stepping up.

  3. Reply Mike Kennedy Sep 9,2018 20:57

    Love your coverage of the Worldcon Business Meetings. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve been unable to travel as easily but when I was going to Worldcons (semi) regularly I *always* made the Business Meetings and I miss having firsthand info. Between you and Kevin Standlee I feel I’m still well informed.

  4. Reply Michael Jul 2,2021 11:30

    Just wanted to say how much joy your SSF newsletter brings me. I love finding it in my inbox!

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