WSFS Meeting #4 (Sunday): Liveblog 10

1334: Freedom indeed. This is Rachael, signing off.

WSFS Meeting #3 (Saturday): Liveblog 8

1153: Meeting is adjourned until 1000 tomorrow.

Brief(?) Summary and Commentary on Thursday and Friday WSFS Meetings 2

Just what it says on the tin. As a note, for my liveblogs I generally try to keep my commentary to standalone statements or parenthetical statements. I do my best to summarize fairly from what I can hear and process while pressed for time. This post is all me. I have no intention of reproducing the ...

WSFS Meeting #2 (Friday): Liveblog 19

WSFS Meeting #2 (Friday): Liveblog
1247: Meeting is adjourned.

WSFS Meeting #1 (Thursday): Liveblog 13

As a note, all the business (amendments and motions) I’m talking about can be found here.

Looking forward to WSFS meetings 3

I ended up browsing a bit on File770 and saw the latest collection of news, which included this astounding example of hollering before you’re hurt from David Pascoe writing on Sarah Hoyt’s blog: While there’s a good deal of speculation over whether such a motion will even get approved (what then, would supporting members get ...

…best saga? Seriously?

Guess I missed some WSFS excitement while I was at Weddingpalooza over the weekend. (Weddingpalooza, ie two weddings in one weekend) went swimmingly, by the way. I looked dapper as fuck and danced (including the Time Warp) until I could dance no more because my back wasn’t being an asshole this weekend. Shocking, considering I spent ...

The Hugo Nomination Problem or, I Am a Bad Reader 18

[ETA 5/3/15: It seems I was unclear that by a recommended reading list, I mean a large list with things added throughout the year that I can then winnow down myself. Not a short slate of nominees sized specifically to fill or partially fill categories. I have updated the post to reflect my position more accurately.] I’ve been meaning ...

The United States of Rachael Does Not Negotiate With Terrorists 6

So this year’s Hugos is basically the same story as last year, but more so. Apparently we have not only the Sad Puppies, we have Rapid Puppies courtesy of that corpulent pustule on the anus of humanity, Vox Day. And I’ve heard mentions of Gamergate? Haven’t been able to easily locate the truth, don’t actually ...

[Conventions] A Modest Proposal for Feminism Panels

[Conventions] A Modest Proposal for Feminism Panels
Proposal: From now on, there will be one token male panelist on all feminist panels. At the beginning, as every panelist is introducing themselves, he says: “Hello, my name is _____ and I do ______. I’m a feminist. And in the interest of presenting an example as a good ally, I will now do what ...