WSFS Business Meeting – Friday Liveblog 7

Business meeting agenda for this year can be downloaded here for those of you playing from home. Hey everyone, we are up and running. Meeting got going at 1000, we are currently going over procedural information. This liveblog will be updated every 5-10 minutes when something is happening. 1010: Suggested time limits for establishing debate. ...

[WorldCon] Main Business Meeting #1 Liveblog 2

AND WE ARE LIVE. Many thanks to Eric, for letting me use his phone hotspot while I’m waiting for my friend with the hotspot to arrive. Usual rules apply; I apologize in advance for all my misspellings. Do not be surprised if personal opinions show up. I will be summarizing at times. Newest items will ...

[WorldCon] WSFS Preliminary Business Meeting Liveblog 7

AND WE’RE LIVE. Thanks to Corina Stark for hotspotting her phone so I can use her data for this liveblog. Rules as usual: I will be updating this post every few minutes once the meeting starts. Newest things will be at the bottom so this will eventually be chronological. Don’t be surprised if I interject ...

WSFS Meeting #3 (Saturday): Liveblog 8

1153: Meeting is adjourned until 1000 tomorrow.

WSFS Meeting #2 (Friday): Liveblog 19

WSFS Meeting #2 (Friday): Liveblog
1247: Meeting is adjourned.

WSFS Meeting #1 (Thursday): Liveblog 13

As a note, all the business (amendments and motions) I’m talking about can be found here.

Snowmageddon? 5

So the TV is on and my friencd just turned it to Syfy and Snowmageddon. I think the movie is already in progress. I don’t think it matters. A giant snowball just blew up a school bus and decapitated Santa. LIVEBLOGGING COMMENCES. (If only we’d started drinking. Damnit.) 1358: Commercials. A tiny woman is watching a ...

Vurping my way through the 50 Shades of Grey trailer 2

0014: Creepy piano music starts. We see frumpy lady in the elevator, startling as the elevator goes ding. Wanna bet that by the end of the trailer she will look supersexyhotinatotallyconventionalway because creepy dude semen has magical wardrobe-improving powers? 0014: “At least everyone’s white. I know that sounds kind of weird, but no one should have ...

[Liveblog] Sleepy Hollow episode 3

This has been fun so far, so I’m doing it again! Later: Hrmph. This episode was really not as much fun as the first two. But I guess they can’t all be winners.

[Liveblog] Agents of SHIELD 4

The post game commentary, generally non-spoilery: You know what I love about this episode? They came up with some bullshit retcon to explain why everyone in Avengers during the Battle of New York was running around and talking to thin air. Nicely done, Whedon. Nicely done. Agent May (Ming-na) is my new senpai. That is perhaps ...