Been Busy Not Living in Texas 7

Been Busy Not Living in Texas
I can’t believe it’s been ten days since I finished my move. Where the fuck has the time gone? I feel like I just got here, and yet… I won’t say that I regret the time I spent in Houston. That would be grossly unfair to the wonderful coworkers and the stimulating and fun work ...

A life in boxes

So I’m now t-minus two days from the movers arriving to put 95% of my possessions into a couple of shipping containers where they’ll live for the next couple of months until I get my living situation in Colorado settled. And t-minus five days from embarking on the long drive back up to Colorado. (Without ...

On Rejection

On Rejection
Guess this is another day for the calendar of my writer life. Just started on my third bulldog clip of rejections. This, like salt crust on my cheek after a bike ride, is what effort looks like. Cat for scale. Because geologist. And because he’s cute.