Strange Horizons and Hugos oh my!

Strange Horizons is doing its 2012 Readers’ Poll. And I’m one of the choices! Or rather my story, Comes the Huntsman is!

The story is incredibly important to me in a lot of ways (some of them intensely dorky since it was my 2012 Hiddlestory and that’s apparently going to be a thing for me now) but even just having a story in Strange Horizons was a long-standing dream of mine. It was my third pro sale and that’s still an incredibly important moment to me.

Also, while I’m rolling around in gleeful abandon, REMINDER! The 2012 Hugo Nomination period will be ending on March 10, so get your ballots in if you’re a Worldcon attendee (or supporting member) for Worldcon 2012, 2013, or 2014! I (cough) may have some eligible stories if you’re feeling kind and think I’m sufficiently awesome.

Kidding aside, it you can nominate for the Hugos, DO IT. The number of nomination ballots that determine who is on the short list for voting is at times astonishingly small, and each ballot makes a difference. These are our awards as fans of scifi and fantasy, and it’s well worth taking a few minutes to help determine who will be in the categories. Ever feel upset that a book or story you really liked didn’t get a Hugo nod? If you didn’t take the time to nominate, that very well might be why.

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