Transformers 4: I am drunk and I must rage pee 5

So this is kind of a giant excuse and an explanation. You see my first pee break in this movie, which is approximately 17 hours long and composed of jackahammers and CGI, I had to pee. And realized there was still an hour and fifteen fucking minutes fucking left in the fucking movie. Came back to my seat. Put in another order because I was not nearly drunk enough for this shit. Order card said:

refill Pibb

refill lemonade

refill iced tea

another Rocket milk shake and mexican chocolate

because f____ man how the f_____ is this movie another hour long I need more alcohol pray for me

Yes I literally wrote that (including the line instead of the full f-bomb) on my order card. The waitress grabbed it, looked it over, and whispered, “Yeah this movie is really long, isn’t it?”

So I’m kind of too drunk right now after consuming two beers and two very alcoholic (I think it was extra alcoholic because they took pity on me) shakes in a bit over two hours. Too drunk to write something to coherently express how this movie made me feel. It’s really just one giant rage pee. So I will write you your thing tomorrow, you bastards. I earned this one for charity, that’s for sure. And while I’m trying to hammer my anger into actual words rather than a primal, Nicolas-Cage-esque scream, I will scan in the ten and a half pages of hand-written notes I took which become increasingly difficult to read the drunker I get, but you’ll get the idea.


But I will leave you with a few subtitle ideas that would have been much more appropriate than Age of Extinction.

Transformers 4:

  • Longing for the Radically Feminist Days of Megan Fox
  • This Is What an Aneurysm Feels Like
  • An Overly Long and Creepy Virginity Metaphor
  • Magnets: How the Fuck do They Work?
  • A Bud Light Movie in Every Sense
  • Who the Fuck Is Grimlock?
  • Not Even Texas Deserves This
  • Fuck This Movie

5 thoughts on “Transformers 4: I am drunk and I must rage pee

  1. Reply JavberwockySR Jul 1,2014 23:00

    Radfem… Megan Fox…
    Wow, am I ever glad I didn’t go.

    Really, when you’ve got giant robots to work with, why would you think you need to use women as sex objects to sell the movie?

    • Reply Rachael Jul 1,2014 23:04

      It is seriously worse than you can even imagine right now man. Just. So much worse.

  2. Reply Ravyn Jul 2,2014 01:21

    when you look back longingly for skids, mudflap, and mearing? yeah. you just lost three hours of your life to a festering, steaming pile of fewments.

  3. Reply Kelly Jul 2,2014 17:45

    See, back when you did the charity dare thing, I refused to donate simply because I like you too much to force that fecal pile on you. I knew it was going to be bad because I watched the first one. That was the day I realized that Michael Bay likes defecating on my childhood.

  4. Reply Cerulean Spork Jul 5,2014 23:26

    oh i think i forgot to say THANK YOU in my endless comment / q&a so THANK YOU FOR DOIN IT FOR US bc i literally cldnt get thru the 1st half hr of the 1st one bc of all the skeeziness & racefail & GHAHAHAH THIS IS NOT TRANSFORMERS & i wasnt even the TRANSFORMERS fan in the family that was my younger siblings bc of when it came out , i was the mecha & space navy anime fan– but i still cldnt help gettin some of it by osmosis & WHO WASNT INVOLUNTARILY INSPIRED BY POOR PETER CULLENS VOICE srsly i wish he didnt have to do these films

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