Go Read My Story 2

They Tell Me There Will Be No Pain is now available online at Lightspeed. (You should subscribe to Lightspeed anyway, you know, even though you can read the story for free now.) You should go read it, because it’s quite literally the best thing I’ve written to date and is incredibly important to me as a story. It is about lies, and frankly, the fact that PTSD kills.

Oh yeah. And the money from it went to UNICEF UK. If you think it’s a good story and have the spare money, you should subscribe to Lightspeed and/or donate to UNICEF. Hell, if you hate the story and think I’m a fucking hack, you should do one or both of those things anyway.

Enjoy, and please tell your friends! AAAA THIS IS SO EXCITING!!!

2 thoughts on “Go Read My Story

  1. Reply Daz Dec 30,2014 15:03

    Well it worked. I cried almost as much as I do every time I watch The Ghost And Mrs Muir. (My personal crying-at-fiction benchmark.)

    Thank you.

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