WSFS Meeting #3 (Saturday): Liveblog 8

1153: Meeting is adjourned until 1000 tomorrow.

1150: Some PIs. Mostly establishing that we’ll be covering all the other business tomorrow, and things can be taken out of order.

1148: Motion passed by unanimous consent: when the meeting is adjourned tomorrow, it will be done so in memory of Bobbie Dufault and Peggy Rae Sapienza.

1147: KS points out that paliamentarian that the motion to adjourn is not in order because when the meeting agreed to have items on Sunday, it made them general orders that MUST be covered. (TAKE THAT.)

1145: Tom Monohan makes a motion to adjourn the meeting now and kill all further business. Wishes to end the meeting now because everything needed has been covered and some of the motions in the future are rushed and disorganized.

1143: Member moves to lay B16 on the table until after EPH has been considered. Affirmative has it. B16 is moved until after EPH has been considered.

1142: Taking up B16 Nominee Diversity.

1141: Meeting is in recess for not more than 2 minutes. Keep your butts in the seat, folks, we are driving this bus fast to the finish line.

1140: Amendment passes by large majority, sent on to next year’s Worldcon.

1139: Dr. Adams proposes an amendment to change “WorldCon Committee” to “Hugo Subcomittee.” KS rules motion out of order.

1139: Amendment to proposal is adopted. No time remains for debate.

1137: Hildebrandt notes that there is a difference between absolute numbers and relative percentage. (Well-founded point IMO.)

1133: Dave McCarty moves to amend to get rid of the attempt to contact and just note it will be put into the category where the most nominations were received. Seconded.

1132: Terry Neal for points out that the amendment says “in so far as it is possible to do.”

1131: Speech against, indicating this would put more of a time crunch on the Hugo administrators. The issue is the requirement to contact author before making decisions. Normally the administrators just put a work in the category where it has the most votes.

1129: Secor has a question–if a story is on a podcast and then the podcast is nominated under fancast, then does the story then become ineligible under this rule? Dashoff says he doesn’t believe so but this is perhaps best answered by a Hugo Admistrator.

1127: Dashoff the Younger speaks. Amendment proposed hand in hand with Best Series, so ensure that a book that is eligible in series and novel, it can’t be in both. This would also apply to a potential YA Hugo.

1125: B15 Multiple Nominations is now the issue at hand.

1124: Debate is not extended. Let’s vote on the 5% Solution–affirmative has it, and it’s sent on to next year for ratification.

1123: Terry Neal on point of privilege, telling KS that he’s still talking too fast.

1122: Kronengold moves to amend. KS rules it is not germane either. I am so lost.

1122: Chair’s ruling is sustained by the meeting. All debate has expired.

1118: Sorry, I’m kind of lost here.

1117: Dejardan appeals the chair’s ruling. Guess he thinks the amendment is a good idea.

1116: Dr. Lurie moves to amend. KS rules the amendment is not germane.

1114: Josh Kronengold sings. This is the first time I’ve ever heard someone sing, and it’s a good one. Go Josh.

1113: Yalow was the originator of the 5% rule and wishes to correct the original intent. The feeling was that if you couldn’t make 5% of the ballot, you’re looking at noise, not signal. “Let’s throw out the long tail.”

1112: Steven Dejardan says the original intent was to keep works with negligible support from making it on the ballot. But there’s now been a renaissance of short fiction, and the nominations are getting too spread out. Time for the 5% rule to go away.

1111: Next item is B12, the 5% Solution.

1110: Meeting returns to order. KS notes that interpreters have requested that the chair slow down a little between calling votes so they can catch up.

1100: 10 minute bio recess.

1057: Apparently in 1990 an 11-year-old full attending member participated, and the chair recognized he had a right to participate despite being underage. The ratification of A4 does not affect this ruling at all. KS makes point that Military and YA memberships are attending memberships at discounted rates and have all voting rights. There is no age restriction on membership–all that determines your right to vote is your type of membership purchased, not your age.

1055: A4 WSFS Membership Types and Rates. Ratified without objection.

1054: A3, Hugo Finalist. Ratified without objection. (It’s just a language change.)

1053: Debate closed. Amendment fails by vote, graphic novel isn’t going to be added. Secor moves to end debate. A2 is ratified and will take effect at end of this Worldcon.

1051: Todd Dashoff for. Collin Harris, maker of motion with Mary Robinette Kowal. Clarifies: Story rather than “written fiction” to get rid of implicit interpretation that audio books didn’t count. This does not apply to graphic novels as text is not their primary form of communication.

1050: Dashoff believes that the clauses are separate in their purpose and graphic story doesn’t need to be added.

1049: Question is raised if this is a lesser change. KS submits to membership because he’s unsure. The membership votes it’s a major change, so if this amendment passes, it’s going to take another year.

1047: The ruling is accepted. And now we’re starting over with 6 minutes of debate. Dr. Lurie moves (and is seconded) to add “graphic story” into this as well.

1043: I am not going to detail the nitpicking of this debate. Sorry. Nope.

1041: Yalow wants a definitive ruling. Denirov(sp?) points out this is a typographical error and she feels we are going overboard.

1040: Standlee argues that the document certified by the chair and secretary as the business passed on is the official one, not the minutes from the head table.

1039: Ben Yalow objects to ruling because there is a conflict in the minutes of the LonCon3. Seconded.

1033: PI from Illingworth. Checking on accuracy of section numbers. Whoops, might be a little problem. Looks like it’s correct in the program book. Chair rules that the printed material is correct.

1032: Back to amendments from LonCon3! A2, a Story By Any Other Name, clarification that stories are in content rather than method of delivery. (Closing the audiobook loophole.)

1031: Meeting back to order. KS states intension is to adjourn meeting by 1200. Time is very limited, our assistance is requested in getting the room set and reset.

1028: 2 minute technical recess.

1027: KS asks that question time will be dispensed with in the interest of time. No objection. Questions can be directed to the Worldcon 75 table that opens at noon.

1026: Registration will be opened at noon! I’m so there. All bid supporters have automatic attending membership? Did I hear that right? Adult attending price is $110.

1023: Worldcon 75 will be August 9-13, 2017. Guests of Hono will be John-Henri Holmberg, Nalo Hopkinson, Johanna Sinisalo, Claire Wending, Walter Jon Williams.

1021: Eemeli: There is no more Helsinki 2017. There is Worldcon 75! Crystal Huff and two other people whose names I do not know how to spell (I am so sorry!) get the hand off. Eemeli runs off with the check and then sadly brings it back.

1019: Chair of Sasquan and representative of the winning bid are asked to come to the front. Eemeli from Finland. Website unveiled:¬†Glazer from Sasquan hands over funds from Millenium Philcon–$23,000–that were held in trust until site selection finished. Question time for 2017 Worldcon. 5 minutes of presentation and then questions!

1017: Tellers are thanked, results accepted, ballots ordered destroyed. HELSINKI IN 2017!!!

1015: We join the meeting, already in progress. Announcement of 2017 bid results: Nippon 120, Montreal 228, DC 878, Helsinki 1363. HELSINKI CLEAR WINNER. No need for redistribution of votes. Was noted that electronic signature was made available because so many bids were outside the US; also noted that not all electronic votes came from outside the US, and not all mail-ins were from inside the US. People voted by a lot of ways.

1014: Internet? Are you there? Hello? OKAY LOOKS LIKE WE’RE BACK.

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  1. Reply Kendall Aug 22,2015 14:04

    Thanks again for the liveblog! :-D

  2. Reply Rogers Cadenhead (@rcade) Aug 22,2015 14:05

    Thanks for doing this. Legends will speak of the dapper one in the smoky place who kept us all informed.

  3. Reply Cat Aug 22,2015 15:14

    Thanks! I haven’t heard of a sing amendment either; I’ll have to find the video for this. That makes the time stamps very helpful. Looking forward to your report tomorrow.

  4. Reply Tasha Turner Aug 22,2015 15:31

    Another voice adding thanks for live blogging the business meetings.

  5. Reply JT Richardson (@jtingermany) Aug 22,2015 17:47

    Again, thanks for liveblogging, bonus points for dapperosity.

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  7. Reply mnemex Aug 26,2015 13:15

    Thank you for the complements on my song (and for your liveblogging; I missed the morning on Saturday, so it was a nice surprise to be able to refresh while I was looking for my name)! (I think this is the first time someone has sung an argument at a WSFS BM; if not I’d love to know about it). Since apparently the lyrics were hard to make out (or was that just on the stream), they are here:

    I believe the member moving to lay Diversity on the table was my better half, Lisa Padol (beating me to the punch, and a good thing, too, as I’d already been talking too much).

    • Reply Rachael Aug 26,2015 14:10

      Thanks for the link to your lyrics, I’ve passed it along to twitter. :) it was such a charming relief when you sang!

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