[WorldCon] WSFS Main Business Meeting #1 Summary 1

  • MPC Election: Don, Judy, and Steven are elected.
  • Kent Bloom from the FOLLE Committee would like help finding good links to old WorldCon websites that have become defunct over the years. The FOLLE Committee will continue for the next year as currently constituted.
  • New standing rules change A3 Update to Deadlines for Submission of Reports due to A2 from yesterday neglecting to update the deadlines in two of the rules sections. This passes, but there will be another standing rules change proposed for the second business meeting by Ben Yalow, who wishes to correct language in the sections affected by this change in a way that’s not related to the deadline.
  • Business passed on from last year:
    • C1 What Our Marks Really Are is ratified with no discussion needed.
    • C2 The Reasonable Amendment is ratified with no discussion needed.
    • C3 Make Room! Make Room! is ratified with no discussion needed.
    • C4 Name That Award has Anna Blumstein, chair of the YA committee, give a rousing speech about why the name “Lodestar” was chosen for the YA Award. No one speaks against, and the amendment is ratified. The YA Award has a name!
  • New constitutional amendments:
    • D1 Remote But Real is referred to committee, to be headed by Kate Secor.
    • D2 Adding Series to Series passes, to be sent on to Dublin next year.
    • D6 Comic Books and Graphic Stories passes, to be sent to Dublin next year.
    • D7 Notability Still Matters is amended so the threshold is 4% rather than 5%. After much debate, it passes and will be sent on to Dublin next year.
  • Reminder that D5, which is the changes for the best artist categories, will be taken up on Sunday (today), no earlier than 11 AM.
  • The meeting adjourns at 11:13.

I will just note how weird it was to be at a business meeting that adjourned so EARLY, as someone who only recently started going to business meetings. Terry Neill has assured me that this is how it used to be before the Fire Nation attacked. Like, what do you do with all this extra time? (If you’re me, you go to the dealer room and buy some t-shirts.)

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  1. Reply Kendall Aug 19,2018 13:09

    I applaud your use of the extra time. ;-) What t-shirts did you buy me? ;-)

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